4 Things you didn't know about Tony Soprano's house from the hit HBO show, The Sopranos

It’s been more than 20 years since we were first introduced to the Sopranos and their lovely New Jersey mansion, but the house has not lost its appeal

The Sopranos house was a fan favorite throughout the show's 6-season run, and today, we’re zeroing in on the actual house that played the part. 

 Take a walk down memory lane with us as we explore 4 interesting facts about the Sopranos house.

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The Sopranos house: the silent main character that stole our hearts



It's a real house in New Jersey

Fictionally located at 633 Stag Trail Road, the real Sopranos house is actually located in North Caldwell, NJ.

Clocking in at 5,637 square feet, the house has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a powder room, a two-car garage, and a detached guesthouse.

The detached guest house adds one extra bedroom, and there are also two two-car garages on the property and, of course, the pool.



The owners got friendly with Gandolfini and the rest of the cast during filming 

When the show was filming, the Sopranos house was home to Patricia and Victor Recchia, who lived on the property since they built it in 1987.

They would often hobnob with the production crew and cast, and even sent us a photo of them with the late James Gandolfini.

"Throughout the years of filming, the cast and crew were always thoughtful of us and respectful of our home, helping us create such wonderful memories.” - says Victor Recchia, owner of the Sopranos house



The house was on the market in recent years

The owners have actually tried to sell the house in recent years, giving us, laypeople, the option to live in Tony Soprano’s mansion.

They listed the property for sale back in June, 2019 — asking $3.4 million for the iconic TV home.

But public records show no recent sale deed, so it’s safe to assume that the Recchias have since decided not to sell.



Bonkers scenes filmed here included one with a bear in the backyard of the house

As expected, there were quite a few unusual — and highly memorable — moments the Recchia's experienced while the show was filming here. 

“Among them, filming that had an actual bear in our backyard (his name was Bonkers and he had a trainer next to him),” Victor Recchia shared with us in an email.

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Photos provided to us by the Recchia family. Credit for scenes: HBO