5 favorite things to do in Cabo San Lucas

The term Cabo usually refers to just the town of Cabo San Lucas. But sometimes it refers to the whole area. People say “Cabo” when they really mean all of Los Cabos.

If you are sunset chasers like us, you’ll want to spend your time in Cabo San Lucas – you get full-on sunsets on the west (Pacific) side of Cabo San Lucas.

Credit: Visit Los Cabos

Go whale watching

While you can spot far-off whales from your hotel balcony or the beach, the best way to get up close and almost personal with whales is to take a whale watching tour.

Take a water taxi boat to Land’s End and Lover’s Beach

Its golden sand is snuggled between the Land’s End rock formations and the rock Arch that made Cabo famous.

Walk around the Cabo San Lucas Marina

Aside from all the lavish yachts you can gawk, you can shop, sip a margarita and have a bite to eat while watching the snoozing pelicans nearby.

Swim at Medano Beach

If you’d rather have a little more peace and tranquility, just walk along the beach heading away from the marina – it gets quieter as you go further.

Hike up the Pedregal

You’ll see the marina, where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez, cruise ships and mega million-dollar villas owned by the rich and famous.

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