5 Things To Know About Kalki Dham Temple, Dedicated To The 10th Avatar  of Lord Vishnu 

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Foundation Stone Laid Today

PM Modi laid the foundation stone for the Kalki Dham Temple today in Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh. 

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CM Yogi Attends Bhoomi Pujan 

He was accompanied by UP CM Yogi Adityanath and Acharya Pramod Krishnam at the Bhoomi Pujan for the temple. 

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Attendees At The Puja

Thousands of saints, religious leaders, and other important dignitaries were among the attendees of the puja. 

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Kalki Dham Temple, Sambhal 

The Kalki Dham Temple will be quite unique because it is dedicated to an avatar of Lord Vishnu - Kalki - who is yet to be incarnated. Here are some facts to know about this upcoming temple. 

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1. Sambhal’s Significance

According to beliefs, Vishnu’s Kalki avatar will appear in Sambhal, UP.

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2. Sanctum’s Representing Vishnu Avatar

As per reports, the temple will have ten sanctums. Each of these will represent Lord Vishnu’s ten incarnations. 

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3. 5 Acres Of Temple Premise

The Kalki Dham Temple will span across 5 acres of land and is likely to be completed within 5 years. 

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4. Colour & Construction Details 

The temple will be constructed using pink-coloured stone. Also, it will have no steel or iron frames within its basic structure.

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5. Sky-High Temple Shikhar 

Reportedly, the shikhar of Kalki Dham Temple will be around 108 ft high. 

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