6 Amazing Facts About Mount Kailash To Know

All Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Mt. Kailash

Mount Kailash holds immense cultural, religious, and geographical significance.

Facts To Know

Here are some fascinating facts about this sacred mountain:

1. Spiritual Significance

Mount Kailash is considered sacred in four major religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Bon

2. Unclimbed Summit

Unlike many other major peaks, Mount Kailash has never been climbed to its summit.

3. Circumambulation

The anticlockwise circumambulation of the mountain is one of the most notable rites carried out by Bon believers. However, the Jains, Buddhists, and Hindus circumambulate in a clockwise manner.

4. Origin Point

Four important rivers originate at Mount Kailash: the Indus, Brahmaputra, Sutlej, and Karnali.

5. Geographical Importance

The Kailash Mansarovar section in India has been added to UNESCO's preliminary list of possible world heritage sites.

6. Mystery Soil

Kailash is a unique example of black rock in the area; the neighboring peaks are built of sedimentary rock.

It remains one of the most revered and enigmatic landmarks in the world.