6 Beautiful Islands In Karnataka You Need To Visit For Picture-Perfect Sunsets & Tranquil Waters 

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In The Mood For Indian Islands?

Apart from the gorgeous Lakshadweep, here are 6 islands in Karnataka that offer picture-perfect sunsets and tranquil waters. 

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1. St Mary's Island

St Mary's Island near Malpe is a tranquil island which was once part of the Madagascar. It broke away due to a volcanic eruption. 

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2. Basavaraj Durga

Nestled near Honnavar, this island is perfect for history buffs as it houses a beautiful fort built during the Vijayanagar empire. 

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3. Netrani Island 

Perched 19 km off the coast of Murudeshwar, Netrani island is a hidden gem for scuba divers. 

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4. Kurumgad Island

Take a short boat ride from Karwar to reach Kurumgad, a tortoise shaped island. 

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5. Uppinakudru Island

A tiny island in Udupi which has a Gopala Krishna temple, it's great for a day spend. 

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6. Hattikudru Island

A tranquil river island with paddy fields, streams and much more. 

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Which of these underrated islands in Karnataka do you want to visit this summer?

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