6 Most Expensive Chocolates You Can Gift Your Loved Ones This Chocolate Day!

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Chocolate Love

They say all you need is love, but a little chocolate every now and then never hurts anyone!

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For The Love Of Chocolates

To keep up with Valentine’s week, we’ve listed the six most expensive chocolate brands in India that you can gift your beloved. 

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1. Fabelle

ITC’s Fabelle launched Fabelle Trinity - Truffles Extraordinaire that costs a whopping ₹4.3 lakh (approx.) for a kilogram.

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2. ROYCE’ Chocolate

Japan’s popular ROYCE’ chocolate is available in India and their indulgent chocolate hampers cost as much as ₹14,250. 

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3. La Folie

If you wish to indulge in various flavours of chocolate, then La Folie has a wide range of chocolate gift boxes that cost up to ₹2,600. 

Credits: website/La Folie

4. Fantasie Fine Chocolate 

With a 75-year-old legacy, Fantasie has been one of India’s oldest chocolate companies. Their chocolate gift boxes can cost up to ₹3,000. 

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5. Vivanda Premium Chocolates

For the love of chocolates, Vivanda offers a range of chocolate gifting options that range up to ₹3,500.

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6. Ether Atelier 

This homegrown brand offers a wide range of chocolate and their special Origin Chocolates cost ₹2,250. 

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