7 Adventurous Things To Do In Hampi, Karnataka

Not only mesmerising temples and ruins, Hampi also has many adventurous activites for you!

Let the adventure begin!

Enjoy a fun coracle ride here. You cannot miss it because it is one of the few places in India that offer this. 

1. Coracle RIde

Hampi is known to be the Mecca of bouldering and hence trying it is a must here. 

2. Bouldering 

For all the adventure buffs, this is one of the prime activities to do in Hampi. 

3. Cliff Jumping

The view of entire Hampi from here is simply breathtaking!

4. Climb Matanga Hill

You can rent a cycle to roam around the places if you don't want to walk. 

5. Cycling tour

Visit Sanapur lake and you can spot baby crocodiles on the shore. 

6. Spot Crocodiles

Take a boat, go across Tungabhadra river and witness a whole new world known as Hippie island. 

7. Hippie island

Ever been to Hampi?