7 Ancient Caves To Visit In Karnataka

Not many people know that Karnataka has many unexplored beautiful caves which are a must-visit. 

Caves in Karnataka

The exemplary architecture and surrounding scenic beauty is something you will surely fall in love with. 

1. Pandava Caves

It is a 6th-century rock-cut Aihole Cave Temples and is dedicated to Shiva and Parvathi. 

2. Ravanphadi Cave

These are pre-historic monolithic granite caves and are well-known. 

3. Hulimavu Caves

The caves here are a blend of North Indian and South Indian style of architecture. 

4. Badami Caves

It is natural cave which is about 200 metres  long and is known for Durgaparmeshwari temple. 

5. Nellitheertha Caves

These are limestone formations that  are a result of previous frequent volcanic eruptions. 

6. Kavala Cave Temple

With a Ganesha idol inside, this cave has a mysterious tunnel at the end. 

7. Ganesh Guha

Which of these have you been to any of these caves?