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Bollywood actress, Aamna Sharif has been on a long vacation in Dubai. 

Her pictures from the streets of Dubai looks quite whimsical. 

On The Dubai Streets

Aamna took a meal break and uploaded a beautiful picture of some scrumptious food. 

A Relationship With Food

From cheesy pizza, loaded fries to pasta, Aamna's foodie side was revealed. 

3. Aamna's Foodie Diary

Aamna has been the posting many aesthetic pictures with tall skyscrapers in the background. 

Posing Around The Corners

The bubbly actress posed in front of the iconic tourist spot, Burj Khalifa. 

Dilade Menu Burj Khalifa

Aamna shifted from exploring the streets to having a beach day in the Emirates. 

Pretty Pink!

Aamna was seen relaxing on the beachside lounges during her trip to Dubai. 

Sun-Kissed By The Beach

When are you planning a trip to Dubai?