7 Green Peas Recipes To Relish This Winter Season

With Vitamin C, E and zinc, peas is none of the most loved winter veggie. Here are some recipes to try. 

Peas supremacy

It is a delicious crispy pastry and has peas filling and it is the perfect snack for winters. 

1. Matar ki kachori

Give your pasta an extra taste and probably a soft crunch by adding peas to it. 

2. Pea Pasta

Why not use pea as a dip? Yes, you can! Pea hummus is super easy to make and can go with any snack. 

3. Pea Hummus

Green peas paired with broccoli is the best healthy combination you can ever get. 

4. Green Peas Soup

This is a famous winter curry made in north India by mashing green peas and adding spices. 

5. Nimona

This bitter-sweet dish is served with rice or flatbread in India during winters. 

6. Methi Malai Matar

Nothing can be more filling than butter matar paratha in the morning!

7. Matar Paratha

Which of these dishes have you tried?