7 Healthy Bajra Dishes That You Must Add To Your Diet

Pearl millet or Bajra is known to be one of the healthiest grains and is used widely in india during winters. 

Pearl Millet or Bajra

Just like Jowar or ragi roti, Bajra roti is relished in many households in Maharashtra. 

1. Bajra Roti

Bajra Khichdi can give your body all the needed potassium and fibre boost that it needs. 

2. Bajra Khichdi

You must have relished ricr kheer, vermicelli kheer and more, but have you tried Bajra kheer? Its the perfect healthy dessert. 

3. Bajra Kheer

Add to bajra's healthy factor by mixing fenugreek leaves to the millets dough.

4. Bajra Puri

It is the most easy and healthy one. All you need is jaggery, bajra flour and ghee. 

5. Bajra Laddoos

Yes, it does sound weird but tastes yummm! Cook some veggies with bajra and relish this healthy soup. 

6. Bajra Soup

Looking for something quick, filling and healthy? Try Bajra Upma!

7. Bajra Upma

Do you know any other dishes? Do let share with us!