7 Mistakes You Must Avoid While Deep Frying Food Items

Making a times while deep frying food items we do not get the desired result. Here's how you can fix it. 

Mistakes while frying

Deep frying food in leftover oil will only make it more greasy and unhealthy. 

1. Leftover oil

While frying, try to take smaller pieces as it is seen that big pieces stay raw at the innermost layer because of their size. 

2. Big pieces

You should deep fry food items in small batches always so that each of it gets the space to be fried properly. 

3. A lot together

People think that keeping the flame high will help them fry better and faster. But it would lead to your food item being partially cooked. 

4. High temperature

While making the batter make sure it is whisked properly and has a good consistency otherwise it will not become crispy enough. 

5. Batter matters

You should not keep the flame too low either because that will lead to more absorption of oil by the food item. 

6. Low temperature

Selecting the right oil is also necessary. you cannot deep fry food items in olive oil or avacado oil.

7. Selection of oil

Which is your fave deep fried dish?