7 Places In The World That Don't Celebrate Christmas

If you thought that Christmas is celebrated across the globe, then you might be a little wrong. These countries do not celebrate this festival. 

Christmas is not celebrated

People in afghanistan do not celebrate Christmas, they instead celebrate Nowroz. 

1. Afghanistan

Here the commercial version of Christmas is celebrated in large cities of the country. 

2. China

Christmas here is just like any other day where people are going to work and children are going to school. 

3. Mongolia

Here December 25 is the day when the founder of the country, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born and hence it is a holiday. 

4. Pakistan

Thailand as a country does not celebrate this festival but people who believe in it decorate their houses and celebrate. 

5. Thailand

There are several holidays celebrated during this season but not Christmas.

6. Bhutan

In December it is said that even the faithful Christians in Egypt do not celebrate Christmas. 

7. Egypt

How is Christmas celebrated at your place?