7 Railway Stations That Are "Eat Right Stations" Certified In Tamil Nadu

Train stations that set the standard for offering passengers healthy and safe food are granted the 'Eat Right Station' certification by the Food Safety Authority of India (FSSAI).

Eat Right  Stations certifications

It acts as the Southern Railway Zone's Tiruchirappalli Railway Division's headquarters. 

1. Tiruchirappalli Railway Station

It is owned by the Madurai Railway division and serves the Indian state of Tamil Nadu's Tirunelveli city. 

2. Railway Junction-Tirunelveli

It is among the network's oldest and terminal stations. 

3. Thiruvallur Railway Station

The station is located in the Southern Railway zone's Tiruchirappalli railway division.

4.Mayiladuthurai Railway Station

In 2016, the station was rated fifth best nationally and named the cleanest in Tamil Nadu.

5. Kumbakonam Railway Station

It provides service to the Avadi neighborhood, which is a Chennai suburb 23 kilometers west of the city center.

6. Avadi Railway Station

On the Coromandel coast, Thanjavur is situated on the "main line" of the railway network. 

7. Thanjavur Railway Station

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