7 Traditional Indian Sweets Prepared On Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, so why not try making or relishing some traditional sweets. 


This traditional Goan sweet is a soft pudding made using ghree, flour and sugar as main ingredients. 

1. Bebinca

Nankhatai has crumbly texture and are rich cookies made using butter and all-purpose flour. 

2. Nankhatai

This is a Goan sweet which is similar to Maharashtrian karanji and is prepared on Christmas. 

3. Nevaris

It is a ribbon like savoury snack made in South India on the eve of Christmas. 

4. Ribbon Murukku

These are small ball-sized pastries that resemble shells and is popularly made in Goa. 

5. Kulkuls

These crispy deep-fried cookies are somewhat similar to rose cookies and are made in Kerala. 

6. Achu Murukku

Ginger wine is a traditional homemade beverage that is made in Kerala on Christmas. 

7. Ginger Wine

Which of these have you tried?