8 Black Sand Beaches On The Konkan Coast To Visit In 2024

This tranquil beach is located in Guhanagar and has a mythological background. 

1. Hedvi Beach

Revdanda beach in Alibaug is a treat for people who love serenity and also are history buffs with Revdanda fort right besides the beach. 

2. Revdanda Beach

This beach along with blackish sand also has rocky areas. It is one of the less explored beaches in Alibaug. 

3. Sasawane Beach

One half of this beach is in Alibaug, Maharashtra while the other is in Gujarat. 

4. Navapur Beach

This beach is one of the cleanest beaches in India with turquoise shade sea and white and black sand . 

5. Korlai Beach

It is one of less crowded beaches located in the Raigad district and also offers water sports. 

6. Harihareshwar Beach

This beach offers a variety of water sports for the adventure junkie in you. 

7. Diveagar Beach

The beach is known for its clear water, black sand and breathtaking panoramic views. 

8. Mandwa Beach

Which of these beaches have you visited?