8 Facts About Tyre, Lebanon The Oldest Continually Inhabited City In The World

Historical Hub on the Mediterranean

Tyre, located between Israel and Sidon, thrived as a crucial Phoenician seaport from 2000 BCE to Roman times.

Colony Origins and Independence

Likely founded as a Sidonian colony, Tyre gained independence with the decline of Egyptian influence.

Maritime Trade Hub

Surpassing Sidon in trade, Tyre established commercial ties throughout the Mediterranean.

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Birth of Carthage

In the 9th century BCE, Tyre's colonists founded Carthage, emerging as a formidable rival to Rome.

Biblical Connections

The Bible mentions Tyre, highlighting its historical ties to Solomon's Temple and Queen Jezebel.

Resilience Against Empires

Under Assyrian rule in the 8th and 7th centuries BCE, Tyre successfully resisted a siege by Nebuchadrezzar II.

Alexander's Peninsula Transformation

In 332 BCE, Alexander the Great transformed Tyre into a peninsula using rubble for a causeway.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984, Tyre faces threats from urban growth and pollution.

Tyre's archaeological treasures, dating back to various civilizations, are under UNESCO's protection since 1998