8 Reasons Why You Should Include Raw Onion In Your Salad

With loads of sulphur in it, raw onions can help strengthen your bone health. 

1. Bone health

With chromium in considerable amount, raw onions help in controlling blood sugar levels. 

2. Blood sugar level

Eating raw onion can help in improved memory, attention spans and concentration level. 

3. Brain functioning

The fibre in onion helps in absorbing of nutrients from the food and paves way for digestion. 

4. Good digestion

Raw onions help in improving blood circulation in the body which in turn takes care of your heart. 

5. Heart health

Onions are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, this makes it good for your skin. 

6. Good skin

Raw onions help in generation of white blood cells which help in boosting immunity. 

7. Boosts immunity

You can keep the inflammation level of your body under control by consuming raw onions. 

8. Reduces inflammation

Do you consume raw onions regularly?