8 States & Their Traditional House Styles

Image Courtesy: Canva

Image Courtesy: Canva

1. The Wadas

The wadas were built during the Maratha Empire and are traditional houses of Maharashtra.

Image Courtesy: Canva

2. Nalukettu

In Kerala, Nalukettu is a four-block structure which is made with heavy use of wood, stone and clay.

Image Courtesy: IMDB

3. Havelis

Rajasthan’s havelis are renowned for their grandiose and Rajputana architecture.

Image Courtesy: Flickr/ Gateway to Rann Resort

4. Bhunga

These mud houses in Kutch have a rounded roof and are decorated inside out.

Image Courtesy: Flickr/ Garima Kumar

5. Bhutia Houses

These Bhutia houses are native to Sikkim and are called 'khim'.

Image Courtesy: The Rajbari Bawali/ Instagram

6. Zamindari Bunglows

In Bengal, these zamindari bunglows are an architectural masterpiece.

Image Courtesy: Being Uttarakhandi/ Facebook

7. Koti Banal

These houses in Uttarakhand are a type of vernacular architecture.

Image Courtesy: Winterfell Cafe/ Facebook

8. Kashmiri House

Kashmiri houses are created artistically to fit the geographical conditions of the region.

Which of these traditional houses have you seen?

Image Courtesy: Canva