8 Things To Do In Satara

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1. Kaas Plateau

One of the top destinations in Satara is the Kaas Plateau, popularly referred to as the Kas Pathar. 

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2. Thoseghar Falls

Thosegarh Falls, which are encircled by lush vegetation and plunge through a succession of cascades, are a must-see location for wildlife enthusiasts.

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3. Ajinkyatara Fort

Often referred to as the “Fort of Satara,” this beautiful building is 3,300 feet above the ground on Ajinkyatara Mountain and provides exceptional views over the entire city of Satara.

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4. Char Bhinti

This is perhaps one of Satara's most important and well-known historical landmarks.

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5. Sangam Mahuli

One of the earliest temples devoted to Lord Shiva is Sangam Mahuli. The place is characterised by the Maratha architectural style.

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6. Pratapgarh Fort

The fort is surrounded by thick nature and offers breathtaking views. It is the pinnacle of Satara's illustrious past.

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7. Shivsagar Lake

The lake is the ideal location for anyone seeking quiet and solitude. This is the best spot for you to refresh your soul.

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8. Kaas Lake

In Satara, Kaas Lake is a well-liked destination for visitors and locals alike. It has views that are delightful, and the surroundings are similarly lovely. 

Have you visited Satara and explored its beauty?

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