8 Unusual New Year Traditions Followed In Different Parts Of The World

People beat each other in the presence of the police. the fights are never brutal though. 

1. Takanakuy Festival, Peru

People build scarecrow-like effigies by stuffing them with old clothes and put them on fire. 

2. Burning scarecrow, Ecuador

Different colours of underpants help your luck in different spaces like the ones who want a successful love life wear red underpants. 

3. Wearing colourful underwear, South America

All the unused plates are saved all year long and then are broken on the New Year's Eve. 

4. Breaking plates, Denmark

In order to complete this challenge, fill your face with twelve grapes—one for each ring of the bell. If you succeed, its good luck in the next year for you. 

5. Eating 12 grapes, Spain

On Japanese New Year's Day, Buddhist temples all around Japan ring 108 bells at midnight to fight off the 108 wicked emotions.

6. 108 rings, Japan

In Italy, people toss away old furniture from their houses on New year. 

7. Tossing out old furniture, Italy

People here surround themselves with round objects for prosperity and luck. 

8. Round Things, Philippines

Which is the most strange tradition you know of?