Noiya, the ‘Surviving Paradise’ villa in Lefkada, Greece: Everything you wanted to know

by Georgie Mihaila

Bringing a dozen strangers

from different parts of the US together on a picture-perfect Greek island, Surviving Paradise is best described as Survivor with influencers.

Promised the summer of a lifetime, the contestants are in for a huge surprise as soon as they reach their destination.

Instead of living it up at the luxury clifftop villa

the contestants are banished to the wilderness of the forest nearby and have to face a series of challenges (and lots of scheming) to earn their cozy spot inside the villa.

At stake is a $100,000 cash prize for those who manage to form the right alliances and move from the outdoor camp back into the villa — and stay there until the end.

Filming took place in Lefkada, Greece

The reality series was filmed in Lefkada, an idyllic Greek island in the Ionian Sea known for its soft-sand beaches, rich, blue waters, and picturesque traditional villages.

And while there’s no shortage of luxury villas on the beautiful Greek island, the producers made sure to pick one of the most impressive ones, to make the contestants’ efforts worthwhile.

And we tracked it down! Here's everything we know about the villa used to film the Netflix reality series: 

Name & location


Located in Porto Katsiki in Lefkada, Greece the Surviving Paradise villa is known as Noiya and consists of a main house and three standalone glass studios.

Size & no. of bedrooms


With 8 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, the luxury house can accommodate up to 16 guests, who also get to enjoy its many amenities, which include two swimming pools, a basketball court, and unobstructed sea views.



The property is also for sale — though the contestants wouldn’t be able to afford it even if they all were to win the cash prize and pool the money together.

The villa appears to be listed for sale on the Barnes International Realty website with a €4,300,000 price tag. That’s a little over US$4.5 million. 

Rental rates 


Renting it doesn’t come cheap either. A one-week stay at the Surviving Paradise villa costs between €13,000 and €32,000, which means groups can pay up to $34,000 to spend a week here.

So if you’d like to spend your next getaway with friends here, maybe ask a few (or a dozen) extra guests to join and split the costs; I hear there’s also an outdoor camp nearby that can accommodate people who aren’t welcome in the villa.

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All photos courtesy of Netflix