Amanda's house in The Holiday & more memorable locations

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The Holiday houses 

Iris and Amanda may have felt unlucky in love, but they were more than fortunate in the property department.

Amanda's house 

If you too have fallen head over heels for Amanda’s gorgeous Tuscan-style home in Los Angeles, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s an actual home.

The Tuscan-style property is located at 1883 Orlando Road in San Marino, a small town in Los Angeles County, Calif.

Architectural pedigree

It's also the former home of esteemed architect Wallace Neff, the go-to architect for the rich and famous in the early half of the 20th century.

Specs & worth

Worth well over $10 million, the 10,324-square-foot mansion made famous by the 2006 movie has an impressive total of 7 bedrooms and 7 baths.

Sorry to be the bearer of genuinely bad news but Rosehill Cottage doesn’t exist. 

Iris's cottage in Surrey

United Kingdom

How did it look so real in the movie, you ask? 

Well, because it was… sort of.

The outer shell of Iris’ picture-perfect stone-clad home was inspired by a real-life property known as Honeysuckle Cottage in Holmbury, St Mary.

While the Honeysuckle Cottage looked the part, the production crew decided that it was too far from the cast and crew in London. So they recreated it brick by brick in a studio.

The inside of the home, like Amanda’s, was filmed on a soundstage, but that could never make me love those snuggly beamed ceilings, the cozy open fireplace, and her teeny-tiny bath any less!

The property used for exterior shots is called The Mill House and it stands overlooking the River Wey in Tilford, Surrey. 

Graham’s English manor home

also in the U.K.

Another real home! Arthur’s property is located on Rockingham Avenue in Brentwood California.

Arthur’s house

Los Angeles,  CA

The Ohara house, built in 1959, was designed by famed modernist architect Richard Neutra and is located on a pretty hillside in Silver Lake. 

Miles’ house

Los Angeles,  CA

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