Best Italian Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

For some reason, there are some really good Italian restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

If you are wondering where to eat in Cabo and are cravin’ pasta, the following five trattorias hit the mark.

La Dolce

The pasta dishes at La Dolce are sinfully yummy. You could order the healthy fresh catch of the day served with steamed veggies.

Salvatore G’s

Salvatore’s is known for their fall-off-the-bone Osso Bucco, as well as their Italian sausage-and-spinach lasagna.

Invita Bistro

If you’re looking for another place serving delectable southern Italian food – including piping hot pastas made in-house – hit up Invita Bistro.

Romeo & Julieta

When you want a quiet romantic restaurant that serves up reliably good Italian food, Romeo & Julieta is a great spot. It’s been in business for donkey’s years.

Il Forno

The smell of garlic is likely to lure you in. But the excellent food will make you stay. At Il Forno, the fettuccine is tossed with the sauce at your table.

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