Chef Kunal Kapur Prepares Bhuni Hui Mirchi Ki Chutney; Recipe Inside

Chef Kunal Kapur On Instagram

The talented chef posts recipes and kitchen hacks on his Instagram  every now and then.

Shares A Chutney Recipe

This time around, he shared a recipe  for a spicy chutney that you need  to try at home. 

Bhuni Hui Mirchi Ki Chutney

He shared a recipe for ‘Bhuni Hui Mirchi Ki Chutney’. To help you all, we have written down the recipe and all the ingredients you might need for it here. 

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1 Capsicum 3-4 green chillies 1 cup mint leaves 1 cup coriander leaves 3-4 garlic cloves Ginger Lemons 1 tbsp chaat masala ½ tsp black salt 1 ½ tsp bhuna jeera Salt 2 tbsp hung curd

Here’s What You Need To Do

1. Add a dash of oil to the capsicum and chillies and coat it well. 2. Then, roast both of them on an open flame on the stove. 3. Once charred, take off the flame and let it cool down.

Follow These Steps

4. Wash it and chop them well. 5. Add it to the blender with the remaining ingredients. 6. Put a dash of iced water with the ingredients before blending.

Chutney Is Ready 

And that’s it, your Bhuni hui Mirch ki Chutney is ready! Pour it into a container and eat with your favourite food. 

Chef Kunal Kapoor

So, are you going to try out this chutney recipe by Chef Kunal at home?