Chef Kunal Kapur Teaches How To Make Perfect Pooris Every Time; Tips Inside

We all wish, while making pooris, that they should be round, perfectly fried and most importantly it should be perfectly puffed. 


Chef Kunal Kapur says that the flour should be sieved always before making pooris out of it. 

Seive The Flour 

The dough made for puri has to be semi-hard. So make sure that you do not add too much water. Make sure you rest the dough for 5 mins.

Semi-hard dough

Now make small round balls out of the dough. make sure there are no cracks or folds. 

Make small round balls

While making balls or while making pooris out of the balls, make sure you do not use flour. Instead pour some oil on the small balls. 

Don't use flour

Make sure that the rolling pin has no cracks and is clean. You can also oil it before you proceed to make pooris using it. 


Make sure the puris are even from all the sides especially the edges. Always fry pooris on high flame. 

On high flame

Keep pressing the puri until it comes up. then keep splashing some oil on it until its brown. 

Press the pooris

Tadaaaaaaaa! Relish with chole or some spicy gravy!