Craft Beer vs. Commercial Beer: 7 Key Differences Explained!

Local vs. Global

Craft beers often have a local or regional focus. Commercial beers have a global presence and widespread distribution.

Artisanal & Large Scale

Craft breweries are often independent and artisanal. Commercial breweries are usually part of larger corporate entities.


Craft brewers frequently experiment with unique ingredients. Commercial beers rely on traditional ingredients for consistency.

Brand Recognition

Craft beers may have niche or cult followings. Commercial beers enjoy broad brand recognition and market visibility.

Flavour Variety

Craft beers are known for diverse and experimental flavours. Commercial beers often adhere to established and consistent flavour profiles.

Production Scale

Craft beer is typically produced on a smaller scale by independent breweries. Commercial beer is mass-produced by large-scale breweries.


Craft beers may be limited and harder to find. Commercial beers are widely available in various outlets globally.


Craft beers may vary from batch to batch. Commercial beers prioritize consistency and uniformity

Hence, the choice between craft and commercial is subjective, reflecting individual preferences and values