Diljit Dosanjh Dropped A Recipe For Panjiri In Typical Diljit-Style  & You’ll Be A Lover

Diljit Dosanjh On Instagram

Diljit Dosanjh’s Instagram game is top-notch, no arguments there!

Panjiri Ft. Diljit Dosanjh

Ahead of his America tour, he made panjiri and shared a reel of the same on his Instagram account. 

Cooking In Pure Diljit Style!

The reel was filled with lots of announcements for his tour, cooking,  and of course, dancing!

Celebrating With Panjiri 

Although we missed the “Love ya-love ya” this time, we got inspired to make panjiri, just like Diljit. 

Source Of Diljit’s Energy!

He called the dish his source of energy for the upcoming concerts. The talented singer did drop some ingredients and how he prepared the dish. And we put together the rest of it for you. 


Khas-khas (poppy seeds) Gud shakar White Sesame seeds Melon Seeds Cashews Almonds Fox Nuts Green Cardamom Powder Wheat Flour Ghee

Credits: Canva 


1. Fry the sesame seed in a pan until golden brown. 2. Next, roast the wheat flour in the pan. 3. Then, add ghee to the pan and roast each of the mentioned ingredients individually. 

Credits: Canva 

Continue To Follow These Steps 

4. Let them cool down and roughly chop the dry fruits.   5. Add more ghee to the pan and roast all the ingredients together. 6. While still hot, add gud shakar to the mix and bring it all together. 

Credits: Canva 

It’s All Ready

And that’s it, your panjiri is ready! Enjoy this delicious goodness!

Credits: Pexels