Divyanka Tripathi Celebrates A Christmassy B'day In Bastian With Hubby Vivek Dahiya

Divyanka's B'day In Bastian 

Divyanka Tripathi celebrated her birthday in Shilpa Shetty's restaurant, Bastian in Worli, Mumbai. 

Hubby Vivek Was All Smiles 

Her hubby, Vivek Dahiya took her out on a birthday date where the couple enjoyed refreshing drinks. 

A Christmassy Birthday! 

Dressed in a pretty red dress, Divyanka posed for a cute pic with Vivek near a Christmas tree at Bastian. 

She Enjoyed A Delish Dessert 

She also relished a beautifully plated dessert to add the extra sweetness to her special day. 

Cheesecake, Chocolate & More 

The plate was filled with cheesecake, chocolate crumble, ice cream, berries and other delights. 

Divyanka Had A Lovely Time

What started with her birthday, ended up becoming a  Christmas celebration. 

B'day, Date & Christmas Celebration

Divyanka and Vivek had an all in one celebration for Divyanka's birthday, their date and Christmas. 

Isn't this a super cute celebration?