From Coffee To Steak Dinner, Inside Sheikh Hamdan's London Travel Diaries 

Sheikh Hamdan In London

Yes, our beloved crown prince of Dubai was in London, again! The view, breakfast, workout and dinner gives us a glimpse from his days in the city. 

Sheikh Hamdan's breakfast included sunny-side up with maybe an avocado toast on side as he uploaded a ripe half fruit on his Instagram. 

Brekkie Time!

His famous cup of coffee again features on his story. 

Coffee With A View

We all know where it be, Fazza never forgets to workout. And pre-workout meal is so important so here's a quick snap of his juice. 

Pre-Workout Drink

Well, it seems like Dubai''s crown prince went for a run around London's Hyde Park. 

Cardio In London

Not to forget the 7 degree celcius temperature in the city. 

London Streets

Sheikh Hamdan's love of for fitness make's us jump out the bed! After a powerpacked cardio, Sheikh Hamdan hits the gym. 

Hitting The Gym

Winner, Winner, Steak dinner it is for Sheikh Hamdan. He relishes this fancy meal to conclude the day!

Steak Meal

Sheikh Hamdan captures the nature with birds taking a bath in this puddle of water on the streets.