From Hot Chocolate To Sourdough Pizza, Tahira Kashyap Recommends These 4 Delicacies In Doha, Qatar

Tahira Experienced Food Heaven 

Tahira Kashyap took to Instagram to share a sneak peek of the food heaven she experienced in Doha, Qatar. 

1. Oat Milk Cold Coffee

Tahira Kashyap's first recco is Oat Milk Cold Coffee from Toby's. Coffee fanatics, tale note! 

2. Sourdough Pizza 

Next, the director-writer recommends sourdough pizzas from ‘Crust by Rusk'. The  woodfired pizzas look like they are straight from Italy. 

3. Hot Chocolate 

SAID dal's Hot Chocolate with a perfect combo of dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and hazelnut. 

4. San Sebastián Cheesecake

Tahira Kashyap who is a massive foodie loved the San Sebastián cheesecake with triple chocolate drizzle from SAID. 

Lots Of Delish Food In Doha 

Lips don't life in Doha for Tahira as she binged on sourdough pizza, cheesecake, hot chocolate and more in Doha. 

She Loves Food 

Tahira Kashyap often takes to Instagram to give food reccos and delight foodies from across India and the world. 

What do you think about her food posts?