From Kapaleeswarar Temple To "Insane Vadas", Chef Anahita Dhondy Spends 30 Memorable Hours In Chennai

Anahita Heads To Chennai For 30 Hrs 

Chef Anahita gave a sneak peek into her trip to Chennai. And her trip was filled with authentic food, temple visits and more. 

She Visited Kapaleeswarar Temple

Anahita visited Kapaleeswarar Temple to seek blessings from Lord Shiva. 

Gorges On "Insane Vadas" 

The chef gorged on delicious vadas at Karpagambal Mess. Apart from vadas, she ate idlis, chutney and sambar. 

Foray Into Peranakan Cuisine

She also headed to MasterChef Australia's Sashi Cheliah's restaurant, Pandan Club in Chennai and tried Peranakan dishes. 

Incredible Meal From Kerala 

She dined at Kappa Chakka Kandhari and relished an "incredible meal". 

Toured In Autos 

Anahita Dhondy roamed around in yellow autos. 

Barthan Shopping At Rathna 

The chef shopped for steel vessels at the famous Rathna Stores. 

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