From Paying Bills To License Test, 7 Things You Can Do Using WhatsApp In Dubai

Things To Do With WhatsApp

You can use WhatsApp for so many things apart from just connecting with your loved ones in Dubai. 

Simply text their customer service and get a list of options you would like access to pay your bills. 

1. Pay Your DEWA Bills

Connect with 40 different Government departments through a simple text from Whatsapp. 

2. 04 platform

Ditch the fine and pay your parking fee by contacting  Mahboub chatbot throught whatsapp text.  

3. Pay Parking Fees

A simple text to Qaid platform can help you book your RTA Driving test in Dubai. 

4. Apply For RTA driving test

Can't reach through call to report an accident or crime? Al Ameen Service from Dubai Police can be easily contacted through this app online. 

Report A Crime

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation recently launched help through WhatsApp for multiple services. 

6. UAE Labour Law Queries 

Ditch the hassle of visiting the centres and apply for a birth certificate throught Whatsapp on Qaid Platform. 

Get A Birth Certificate

The contact numbers for these platforms are easily available online.