From Salad Juice To Chips, 7 Surprising Dishes You'll Find In An Authentic Egyptian Breakfast

Take a break from the Emirati breakfast and try this Egyptian feast. 

Egyptian Breakfast Feast

1. Shrimp Fries

The bright orange Shrimp fries in Egypt are given the name due to its colour and in reality it doesn't contain any real Shrimp. 

Staple in Egyptian breakfast, this dish is stewed Fava beans with tahini, cumin, chilli powder and other spices. 

2. Full

Yes, to our surprise thinly sliced, crispy Potato chips are served for breakfast in Egypt. 

3. Potato Chips

Here the eggplants are sliced in round shapes, coated with some spices and shallow fried in some oil. 

4. Sliced and fried Eggplants

Sliced tomatoes are marinated in spices and served fresh. 

5. Marinated Tomatoes

Before you think about alcohol, let us stop you there! Whiskey is basically drained salad water which is full of seasoning. It has vinegar, lemon, garlic, cumin, chilli and more.   

6. Whisky

Tahini is used as dip for the veggies served in the breakfast. 

7. Tahini

Make sure you visit the downtown in Cairo for this breakfast feast.