From Skating To Chilling At Pop Tates, Dot AKA Ethel Shares BTS Moments From The Archies Set

Dot Reminiscences Time On Archies 

Dot AKA Ethel from The Archies shared cute moments from the sets of the Netflix film. 

With The Captain Of The Ship 

Director Zoya Akhtar and cinematographer, Nikos Andritsakis were caught lunching on set. 

The Archies At Pop's 

The Archies Boys posed for a laid back pic at Pop's. And we're wondering where are the milkshakes and burgers? 

Coffee & Knitting 

Dot, dressed in a pretty pink gown, catches up on knitting while sipping coffee. 

Intense Skating Session 

Dot reveals that she spent two years with The Archies crew learning skating, acting and even writing music for the film. 

She Also Learnt To Style Hair 

To nail the part of a hairstylist, Dot was seen learning to style hair. 

Bonding With Khushi Kapoor 

Dot shared a video of her and Khushi Kapoor jamming in a car. And it's heartwarming! 

She ends her post with a sweet picture of herself hugging her mom at the end of the screening.