"Humara Pehla Snowfall In Pahalgam," Inside Sachin Tendulkar's Kashmir Diaries With Fam

Sachin & Fam's Kashmir Vacay

Sachin Tendulkar headed to Kashmir for a dreamy vacay with his wife, Anjali and daughter, Sara. 

His First Snowfall In Pahalgam

The cricket legend shared beautiful pictures experiencing his first snowfall in Pahalgam. 

Sachin Made A New Friend

Dressed in warm winter clothes, Sachin Tendulkar found a new friend in a white mountain goat. Two GOATS in one frame, we say! 

Cute Family Pics In Kashmir 

He shared cute family pics on Instagram. The Tendulkar fam seemed to have a gala time in Kashmir. 

He Played Cricket With Locals 

The batting legend played cricket in Kashmir with the locals and called it a "match made in heaven". 

Anjali & Sara Watched The Match

As Sachin Tendulkar delighted everyone with his gully cricket game, Anjali and Sara watched on. 

Sachin Tried A Kashmiri Willow Bat

During his trip, he also visited a bat factory and held a Kashmiri willow bat. 

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