Inside Hina Khan's Bong Food & Travel Diaries In Kolkata 

After Goa, Hina Heads To Kolkata 

Hina Khan who recently shared restaurant reccos from Goa is now on a food hopping spree in Kolkata. 

Yellow Taxi Is Mandatory! 

The actress hitched Kolkata's iconic yellow taxi with her friend, Sachin. 

Her First Stop? Arsalan!

She called the food at Arsalan, "outstanding" She definitely lives to eat. 

Next? Chaat Thali At Chapatola 

Hina gorged on Luchi Aloo Tarkari, Shondesh, Jilepi and more at this street food paradise. 

Chicken Roll Is A Must! 

Hina couldn't miss out on the famous Kolkata Chicken Roll. 

A Visit To Howrah Bridge 

The foodie woke up early to catch a glimpse of India's iconic bridge, Howrah Bridge. 

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