Inside Kareena Kapoor Khan's Throwback Fam Vacay In Gstaad With Natasha Poonawalla

Besties Headed To Gstaad

Kareena Kapoor Khan headed to her favourite destination, Gstaad with bestie Natasha Poonawalla and families last year. 

Natasha Shares Travel Diaries

Natasha shared travel diaries of the Swiss Alps and Kareena couldn't help but relive those memories. 

Skiing On The Itinerary 

During their winter vacay, they went skiing in the upscale resort town. 

Jeh & Natasha Share A Cute Bond

Jeh and Natasha shared a cute moment from the trip. 

Beautiful Views & Fresh Air 

The unpolluted air and stunning views won their hearts. 

Delish Food For The Win!

Natasha shared a close-up pic of a delicious dish. 

Platter Fit For The Queens

The ladies gorged on exotic dishes which were freshly prepared. 

A Pouti-ful vacay for Kareena & Natasha!