Inside Mukti Mohan & Kunal Thakur's Mini-Moon In Dubai With Sea-nic Views

Mukti & Kunal's Mini-Moon In Dubai

Newlyweds Mukti Mohan and Kunal Thakur enjoyed a luxurious mini-moon in Dubai. 

A Sea-nic Photoshoot!

The couple had a stylish and sea-nic photoshoot. 

Yacht Ride, Ain Dubai & More 

Mukti and Kunal soaked in the stunning views of Ain Dubai, blue seas and the city skyline. 

Romance In The Seas 

For Mukti and Kunal, it was romance in the seas. As the theme for their photoshoot, blue, went perfectly well with the waters. 

Kunal Shows Her The Power Of Love

In a beautiful caption, Mukti expresses her love for Kunal. She says her husband has shown her the power of love. 

Wait, That Person Is Coming For You

Mukti Mohan tells those who have lost hope in love to wait. She gives her story as an example that people will find their true love. 

Dubai Calling For The Couple

It's Dubai calling for the couple. 

Do you also want to have you mini-moon in Dubai like Mukti?