Inside Rashmika Mandanna's "Dear Diary" Moments From Tokyo

Rashmika Chills In Japan

Animal actress Rashmika Mandanna shared her travel diaries from Tokyo in Japan. 

She Explored Tokyo By Foot 

The actress explored Tokyo by foot. 

Pouting For The Perfect Click 

Rashmika pouted for a cute pic with the bustling street as the backdrop. 

She Gorged On Mochi 

She gorged on the chewy sweet mochi sweets during her Tokyo visit. 

Unleashed Her Inner Child 

Moreover, Rashmika unleashed her inner child by shopping for the cutest stuffed toys from Japanese anime and shows. 

Fun Time With Her Besties 

She had a gala time with her besties in Tokyo. 

Art, Lights & More 

Rashmika explored the art scene and other fun places in Tokyo. 

Would you like to visit Tokyo with your friends like Rashmika?