Mission Impossible's Hayley Atwell Treated Her Team To A Lavish Italian Dinner At London's LAVO

Hayley Atwell Treats Her Team 

Mission Impossible star Hayley Atwell treated her brilliant work team and her extraordinary agent at London's LAVO. 

Italian Fare With Coastal Flair 

LAVO is known for serving sophesticated Italian delicacies with coastal flair. 

Relishing The Signature Meatball 

Hayley Atwell and her team relished the signature One Pound Meatball which is a giant meatball dish. 

Sleek & Cosy Interiors 

This luxe restaurant has two floors. One with a sleek bar and natural light and the second floor has a cosy fire side. 

A Decadent Chocolate Pastry 

The cherry on top of Hayley and her team's New Year dinner was a 10-layered decadent chocolate cake. 

Dinner Filled With Sweet Memories

At LAVO in London, Hayley Atwell made sure her team had a lovely New Year dinner filled with sweet memories. 

Hayley Atwell's New Year 

The actress's New Year celebrations were special and delicious too. 

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