Priyanka Chopra Has Garam Garam Maggi On A Rainy Day In LA; Proves She Is Always Our Desi Girl

Inside Priyanka's LA Diaries 

Priyanka Chopra gave a glimpse of her rainy days in LA and it reminded her fans of Mumbai's monsoon season. 

Nick Took Her On A Long Drive 

Nick Jonas took his wifey, Priyanka Chopra on a long  romantic drive in the rains. They listened to Shreya Ghoshal's song, Qaraar. 

PC Relished Garam Garam Maggi 

Like a true desi, Priyanka relished hot Maggi during the rainy day. 

She Had French Onion Soup 

The Citadel actress also tucked into a piping hot bowl of French Onion Soup. 

PC & Nick's Rainy Day Date 

The cute couple stopped for lavish lunch at a fine-dining restaurant. 

Stress Ball To Drive Away Stresses 

The actress shared a pic of her stress ball which empowers her and women. 

The Perfect Date 

Their cute rainy day date has Maggi, soup, long drive and lots of love. 

What do you think of Nick & PC's sweet rainy day date?