Recipe: Make Traditional Egyptian Slow Cooked Eggs, Beid hamine

Beid Hamine

Enjoy the authentic taste of Beid Hamine with the unique recipe

Eggs, White onion skin, coffee grounds, water and oil. 


Start with a spacious pot, adding eggs, onion skins, coffee grounds, and a hint of oil. Onion skin protects, and oil aids in easy peeling.

1. Creating the Infusion

Add abundant water, enough to completely cover the eggs. This ensures continuous boiling even with water evaporation.

2. Ensuring Ample Boiling

Boil the mix and then simmer on low heat. This allows thorough infusion of flavours. 

3. Bringing to Simmer

If you wish for the flavours to intensify then boil the eggs for 10 hours and keep it overnight in the mix. 

4. Extended Cooking

Use a slotted spoon to carefully extract hamine eggs once cooked. Allow a brief cooling period.

5. Cooling and Extracting

Peel, slice, and serve on its own or as a garnish for stews. The slow-cooked eggs elevate various dishes.


Elevate your dishes with this aromatic blend.