In Pics: Inside Sheikh Hamdan's London Travel Diaries

The crown prince of Dubai recently took a trip to UAE Capital. He posted a pic while he flew over the Palm Jumeirah. 

Sheikh Hamdan Over Palm

Ditching the plane, Fazza took a ride in the helicopter to reach the nearby Emirate. 

Helicopter Ride

While flying over the Emirates, Fazza shared a video showing the green parks he crossed. 

Garden View!

The fitness freak prince didn't forget his dose of Antioxidant Supplment on his way to Abu Dhabi. 

Supplement Time

Here's a birdseye view of the amazingly designed houses. 

Housing Perspective

Looks like Sheikh Hamdan didn't fly alone. He was accompanied by his friend's son. 

Young Travel Companion

The adventure lover took a sky dive session a day before he took a trip to Abu Dhabi. 

But First, Lets Skydive

Immersed In A Sunset

Sheikh Hamdan catches a glimpse of the setting sun. 

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