Solo Travel: 7 Safest Countries To Celebrate New Year’s Eve At

Exploring the world on the last leg of 2023, Here's where you should head


It is known as one of the safest countries for solo travellers and New Year's Eve are super beautiful here. 

1. UAE

End  2023 with crazy fireworks and begin with a beautiful sunrise. 

2. South Korea

Witness the  most beautiful fireworks at Tokyo,  Yokosuka and Yokohama

3. Japan

There are multiple amazing ways from cruise party to buffets to fireworks for you to celebrate New Year Eve. 

4. Switzerland

Make sure you don't miss fireworks from the Harbour Bridge and Sky Tower.

5. New Zealand

New Year's Eve is celebrated with fireworks and toasts.

6. Croatia

At midnight, the Cathedral bells ring on and then there are fireworks in the town. 

7. Austria

How is neew year celebrated at your place?