Sonakshi Sinha & Zaheer Iqbal Share Glimpses Of Their Scuba Diving Course In Andaman

Sonakshi Is A Certified Diver 

Sonakshi Sinha took an Advance Open Water course at Havelock Island in Andaman with her beau Zaheer Iqbal. 

A Glimpse Before Starting The Course

She shared glimpses of her underwater diving adventures in Andaman. Water babies, Sonakshi shows you how it's done! 

She Is A Good Student 

The Double XL actress shared she is a good student. The pic of her listening to her instructor is proof! 

Zaheer & Sonakshi Learn The Tricks

Sonakshi hilariously says that the two of them are paying attention for a change and are learning the tricks of the trade. 

The "Okay" Sign 

She shows the "Okay Sign" after all her equipment check before taking the jump. 

Scuba Diving Time! 

Nothing like underwater selfies and videos and Zaheer and Sonakshi have the best diving diaries. 

Do you want to take a diving course too?