Swimming with Whale Sharks in La Paz: What to Know

Swimming with whale sharks in La Paz, Mexico, is an extraordinary and unique activity you won’t find just anywhere.

This unforgettable encounter with some of the largest and most awe-inspiring marine animals is definitely one for the bucket list!

The Boat

It’s a large and spacious sailing catamaran with a large galley kitchen, two full bathrooms and lots of room to spread out.

La Paz Whale Shark Swimming

The massive gray-and-black creature dotted with white spots glided slowly by, about five feet away from and seemingly oblivious to us.

Credit: Visit Baja California Sur

Visiting Balandra Bay

This natural protected area is located about a 30-minute drive north of La Paz. It boasts several gorgeous white sand beaches.

Snorkeling with Sea Lions in La Paz

The teeny rocky islet of San Rafaelito off Balandra Bay is one of a couple of places in La Paz where you can snorkel with sea lions.

Hot Lunch

By the time we re-boarded the catamaran again (about 3:30 pm), everyone was hungry. Our hostess chef have a great lunch ready for us!

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