The Archies In Real Life? Well, These 7 Indian Towns Certainly Would Pass Off As Riverdale

The Archies is one of the those movies that take you back to the lovely era of 1960s. Well, these Indian destinations too do the same!

Back to the '60s

This city is popularly known as "Scotland of the East" and this is because of the beautiful hills, rivers, waterfalls and pine trees here. 

1. Shillong

This tranquil and scenic place was once a resort for all the British Raj aristocrats. With rolling hills and tea gardens, this place is surely a must-visit. 

2. Munnar

This beautiful town offers a  laid-back charm with its beautiful colonial architecture. 

3. Nainital

This town in Tamil Nadu is known for its beautiful lakes, forested valleys, grassy hills and granite cliffs. 

4. Kodaikanal

With misty hills, quaint streets and fun toy trains, this train looks straight outta dream!

5. Kurseong

This quaint place is known for its Tibetan culture, beautiful mountains,  monasteries and nature treks. 

6. McLeod Ganj

 This town is known for its colonial churches, temples and houses, Pondicherry is sure to give you an English town vibe. 

7. Pondicherry

Which of these places are you planning to visit?