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1.1 million French take to the streets against pension reform

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Retirement age to rise from 62 to 64

1.1 million French take to the streets against pension reform

A pension reform has been heating up tempers in France – for years. Over a million people took to the streets on Thursday.

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They fight against the pension reform.

More than 1.1 million people across France opposed the government’s pension plans in a major strike and mass protests on Thursday. This was announced by the Ministry of the Interior. 80,000 protested in Paris alone. The unions spoke of a participation of more than two million people in the more than 200 protests.

Because the current pension system will not be financed in the long term due to the aging population, the French government wants to gradually raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 years. In addition, the number of payment years required for a full pension should increase more quickly. A number of individual systems with privileges for certain professional groups are to be abolished. The monthly minimum pension is to rise to around 1200 euros.

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