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14-year-old kills teenager († 14)

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Body found in Hanover, Germany: When searching for a missing 14-year-old, the police found a body on Wednesday in Wunstorf, near Hanover, in Lower Saxony.

The lifeless body was discovered during a large-scale search operation on a wasteland, said a police spokeswoman in Hanover. Unbelievable: A peer had previously testified that he had killed the boy. The youth was arrested.

The fact that the dead person was the missing boy would “fit in time and place”, as a police spokesman for “Bild” said.

Nevertheless, forensic examinations still have to be carried out to clarify whether the dead man is undoubtedly the missing 14-year-old. According to the police spokeswoman, extensive evidence and investigation work was underway. For the time being, no information could be given about the details of what happened and possible backgrounds.

The case initially began as a missing persons case and only later took a different turn through a statement by the 14-year-old who had been arrested in the meantime. Originally, the father of the missing teenager informed the police about his disappearance on Tuesday evening, thereby triggering the search operation in a forest in the municipality of Wunstorf.

According to investigators, there were indications of a possible crime during the ongoing search operation on Wednesday night. Accordingly, another 14-year-old said as part of the investigation that he had killed the missing person. The emergency services then adjusted their measures accordingly. On Wednesday, the police and fire brigade continued to comb the area in question, and search dogs and a helicopter were also deployed. (AFP/dzc)

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